Non-Individuals Additional Documents

Note credit might ask for more information if needed

  • ID Document:

Clear Id copies of all directors (or passports and work permits/ visas if applicable)

  • Financials statements:

Last 2 year’s comparative signed audited business financial statements

  • Management accounts:

If financials are older than 2 month then up-to-date signed management account are required. (NO drafts accepted)

  • IT34’S – latest as issued by SARS
  • Bank statements:

Last 6 months original business bank statements, or bank stamped copies where income is deposited. (Account nr and account name must be visible)
*Note Absa require 12 months business bank statements
DEA consents form can be submitted in order to draw bank statements from Absa, FNB or Nedbank

  • CK documents and share certificate:

Copy of CK documents and company share certificate

  • Application and DEA forms:

Fully completed application forms - make sure all sections are filled in
Signed DEA form

  • Rental contracts:

If rental income is applicable then copies of rental agreements is required

  • Offer to purchase:

Fully completed and signed by all parties. Make sure full property description is given

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